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              Welcome to xinji Xibo chemical co., LTD Web site. 中文版 | ENGLISH
              Precipitated barium sulfate
              Sheet sodium sulfide
              Other products
              Sales manager: Amy Shang
              TEL: 0086-15176971949
              Tel: 0086-0311-80805555
              Fax: 0086-311-83358555
              website: www.donnamaher.com
              Address: Xinji City, Hebei Province, cleaning chemical park

              XinJi Xibo chemical co., LTD.Website

              XinJi Xibo chemical co., LTD., located in the famous China Leather Capital - XinJi,is a large chemical factory specialized in research and development of precipitated barium sulfate, sodium sulfide flake and ect.
              XinJi Xibo chemical co., LTD. was established in 2011. The company covers an area of 60000 square meters, has 285 people of existing worker including 22 with senior professional titles and a total assets of 70 million yuan. The company mainly produces precipitated barium sulfate, flake sodium sulfide, and other chemical products, with an annual production capacity of 30000 tons of precipitated barium sulfate, plate vulcanizing cessna 15000 tons, the products sell well in more than 30 provinces and cities across the country and southeast Asia and other regions.
              XinJi Xibo chemical co., LTD. " Based on hebei, Radiate throughout the country, Face the world
              ", always adhere to the quality first, the good faith is supreme principle, positive innovation. For the domestic and foreign customers with quality products and professional services, satisfy the customer's demand.
              Looking to the future, Xibo chemical will continue to adhere to the " Unity Diligence Honesty Innvation" spirit of enterprise, with the greatest enthusiasm and all friends at China and abroad to establish mutually beneficial relations of cooperation, common development, create brilliant!

              Copyright 2010-2011 XinJi city Xibo chemical co., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
              Address: The Xinji City Clean Chemical Industry Park Tel:0086-0311-80805555 Fax:0086-0311-83358555
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