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              Barium sulfate in the paint

                  Barium sulfate as an extender pigment widely used in paints to improve the thickness of the coating, abrasion resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, surface hardness, impact resistance, etc. plays a very important role. In addition, barium sulfate at a wavelength of 300-400μm
                   Within a high reflective film, can protect against photoaging, is an effective and inexpensive white inorganic light stabilizer. Using a special process made ​​a lot of other similar products do not have the characteristics of ultrafine barium sulfate. Its needle-like crystal structure makes it an excellent flatting agents, and can enhance the flow and leveling of the coating, it can be used as a reinforcing agent in self-cleaning type coating; because of its low oil absorption, has a high filling amount, so allows the coating to reduce the costs that can be used in water-based paint, primer, intermediate coating, and oil paint. Use it to replace the 10% -25% of titanium dioxide in the water-based paint, the results improve whiteness, hiding power has not declined.

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